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About Me

Running your own business can be overwhelming and all-consuming - I totally get that, but it doesn't have to be. 

I'll teach you the mental skills and business strategy that will help you grow your business so you can take more time off, to do what you love, without feeling guilty!

My passion and dedication to my business had stolen my time, energy, and attention. I wasn’t getting out ‘there’ and doing what I loved – being outside, exploring, travelling, adventuring. It was all work and no play! I knew things had to change. Yes, I wanted a successful business, but not at the cost of a successful life. I knew I had to streamline what I was doing, to work smarter not harder and have more impact with the people I worked with. But I also wanted to live a life of adventures and to share the adventure with others. I wanted to THRIVE, not just survive. With my coaching, I teach ambitious entrepreneurs how to run a super successful business, have huge impact on the world AND live a life of amazing adventures.

The idea for my unique blend of performance coaching came about - when despite running an outwardly successful business, with healthy profits, satisfied customers and great results – I couldn’t ignore the feeling something was missing. In a moment of complete clarity, I realised I was chasing the traditional illusion of ‘success’ – the constant hustle, grind and the money. In doing so, I’d forgotten to ‘live’.

What I love about what I’ve achieved over the past 10 years isn’t the six-figure income, recognition or awards - but what I truly love and value is the freedom and adventure running your own successful business can bring. To live life on my terms, to work with who I want, when I want and how I want. To take three months off each year to adventure and explore and for my business to thrive! And that’s what I’m teaching right now. A holistic approach to growing a business so you can live your version of freedom and adventure – whatever that means to you!

I am a Performance Psychologist (MSc, BSc), Open-Water Swimming Guide, Adventurer, Mountain Leader and multiple award-winning entrepreneur. Over the past 10 years, I've worked with elite athletes, musicians, actors and successful entrepreneurs. Through my coaching I teach small business owners how to create a super successful business and a freedom-based lifestyle to match. 

I started out in business setting up a recruitment agency with zero recruitment experience!

I am 1/2 Dutch and 1/2 English and have British and Australian passports

I learnt to ride age nine on donkeys on our village green and still love horse-riding

Fun Facts About Me

I thrive working with real people and developing fantastic professional relationships with my clients. I love getting to know new clients, what makes them tick, dare them to dream and support them on their journey to reach their goals. A lot of long-term clients become friends too - even better!

There are several things I like about it but here are the three I love:

Why do I Love My job?

The People

I've travelled full-time for the past nine months - living and working from a VW Campervan in Europe

My constant companion is my rescue-dog, cocker spaniel Daisy - who is now the grand age of 14!

I love open water swimming, and can often be found bobbing around in the sea - summer or winter!

Every person I work with is different, so my no coaching session is the same! I’ve always heard that the best way to learn something is to teach it. So often in working with a coaching client I find myself studying a particular issue myself. I’ve learned a huge about mindset, confidence, belief and resilience as I’ve helped my clients become proficient in these areas. I’ve learned valuable principles about peak performance as I’ve coached people to their own highest levels of success. I learn so much from my clients, and they constantly challenge me to further my learning, which I love!

The Challenge

When I started working with a coach myself was where I witnessed the power of accountability first-hand, and I relish being able to provide this to my clients. Knowing they have 'back-up' and full support helps my clients take bold action out of their comfort zone towards their goals. When working with a client I love that sense of things coming together that happens when awareness of core values, deeper purpose and true goals align with taking action. We’re not just talking. We are creating direction from it, making sure things happen.

Taking action


Sophie Cox - 5* Livery Yard Owner + Coach

"Working with Sarah over the past 12 months has had a huge positive effect on both myself and my business. I am now feeling more confident in my personal life and in taking my business forward. Before working with Sarah I felt my business was at a cross-roads and I was unsure of the path to take. With Sarah’s help and support we have taken the business forward with great results I would not of achieved on my own. I am gaining confidence and I am more knowledgeable to take the business onwards and achieve my life long goals, with Sarah’s on going support I am excited for the future."

Dawn Britnell - Coach

"Thanks to you I have learned to relax and accept I am human and good enough. I am not Superwoman and shouldn’t try to do everything! I now take two days off every week, turn down work I do not want to do or which would over-extend my hours and do not feel guilty for it. I now truly accept that I can’t control what I can’t control, including what others think of me, and have given up trying which has released a lot of stress from my life. I hold to my values and beliefs and accept that I do not suit everyone. When I find myself voicing self-limiting thoughts I remember your tips, I refer often to my notes. The ‘control freak’ in me is under control and I am much more relaxed with life’s uncertainties. Thank you!"

Lyndsey Adamson - Equine Physiotherapist

"I can't tell you how much the programme has already made me think differently and get me fired up. There are so many changes I have made in my life since starting this programme, all of them having a positive impact. From having the confidence to increase my public profile, learning about the importance of time management to understanding my mindset more and how to use this to help my clients. This course has given me the confidence and knowledge to increase my public profile in a way that targeted the right clients. This included the ability to understand who my ideal clients were and then having the clarity and confidence to aim marketing towards them. In turn this reduced the impact of my imposter syndrome and allowed me to get excited about my business again."

Diana Burgess - Equestrian Coach

“I can recommend working with Sarah 100%! Over the past six months, one of the biggest changes I've made is to run regular clinics instead of just one-to-one lessons. It reduces the running around for me and means I can help more people without stretching myself to breaking point. My regular clinics allow new people to try me out on a one-off to see if we are a good fit and on the same wavelength. My clinic series allows me to work towards a specific goal with a like-minded group who have challenges in common. The next step for me is to carry on working towards my goals both for the business and personally. To be the best me for both my clients and family/friends. I really feel that I am creating a life I love and having time to enjoy it! Still a work in progress but thanks to Sarah it's definitely heading in the right direction."

Nadine Carcary - Coach 

"I have worked with Sarah for the past six months. It has been amazing! 2021 is looking exciting in so many ways! Sarah is so inspiring and a great coach to work with. I can't thank or recommend her enough. I have learnt so much - not only things to help my business grow, but also things to help me as a person. People have recognised a positive change in my confidence - which is all credit to the Sarah."

Amanda Holloway - Coach + Mentor

"Sarah shares volumes of knowledge, expertise, supportive guidance, learning, insight, inspiration and more in this step by step life and business enhancing programme. It is thoroughly well thought out, successful, progressive and impactful. Sarah’s supportive coaching and mentorship is top-class."

client love

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