Do you have your own business? If so, I'm here to teach you the mental skills and business strategy that will help you grow your business so you can take more time off, to do what you love, without feeling guilty!

Over the past five years, I've worked with hundreds of start-up business owners, entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow. Through my holistic-style of coaching I teach small business owners how to create a super successful business and a freedom-based lifestyle to match. 

12-week Fundamentals

I'm looking for...

six Week Blast

I'm Looking for...

The Six-Week Blast is for you if you are an ambitious small business owner. You probably want to grow your business but first know you need to gain clarity around the direction you're headed, set better boundaries and learn what 'enough' looks like. In doing so, you'll be able to work smarter, not harder, be able to say 'no' and create a plan for you and your business so you can relax knowing what you need to do.

Get ready to:

 - Gain clarity and connection to your vision and potential
 - Work out what enough looks like in your life and business 
 - Create a blueprint for your ideal week to take back control of your time and energy

If you know you want more clarity and direction, work out what you need to do to create the success you're striving for and map out the steps to take to get you there, then the six-week blast is for you! 

The programme includes:

 - 3 x in-depth one-to-one coaching sessions over six weeks to make significant change in a short period of time
 - Unlimited support via email and WhatsApp for 360' support
 - Session notes and a comprehensive worksheet to continue your learning outside of our conversations.

Six-week Blast

The 12-week Fundamentals Coaching programme equips ambitious small business owners with the mental skills they need to succeed. Working together weekly for three months, you finish the programme with the key mindset and business skills you need to get you started with a new business or take the next step up in an existing business. 

Is this you?

 - You’re highly skilled and great at what you do but lack the strategy and ‘know how’ to make your business more successful and your life easier and more enjoyable

 - You want a lifestyle of freedom and fulfilment but feel chained to your business working long hours

 - You constantly feel switched ‘on’ with little time (or brain space!) for relaxation and enjoyment with the people that matter most

 - You feel stuck in a rut and you know you can’t breakthrough it on your own

 - You have big goals and ambitions, but your confidence or self-belief is standing in your way

 - You know where you want to go, but feel unsure about the steps to take to get there 

 - It feels frustrating and lonely trying to do everything yourself with little or no support.

Fundamentals includes:

- The 'Fundamentals' coaching programme – based around the three pillars of the programme – Focus on You, Focus on Business, Focus on Performance so you can start and grow your business with your lifestyle goals in the forefront of your mind. 

- Eight coaching sessions over three months – to fully support you and your goals. Whether it's setting up a new business, growing an existing business, diversifying your current offering or just exploring 'what else' is out there for you, working one-to-one I tailor my coaching to your exact requirements. 

 - Worksheets to accompany each session - so you can continue to progress between our coaching sessions and have the time and space to grow and develop as a business owner.

 - Unlimited support via email and Whatsapp so you feel supported and motivated throughout the programme. You can share your wins, get support with your challenges and I'll answer your questions.

12-Week Fundamentals

Amanda Holloway

"Sarah shares volumes of knowledge, expertise, supportive guidance, learning, insight, inspiration and more in this step by step life and business enhancing programme. Sarah’s supportive coaching and mentorship is top-class."

Nadine Carcary

"Sarah is so inspiring and a great coach to work with. I can't thank or recommend her enough. I have learnt so much - not only things to help my business grow, but also things to help me as a person. People have recognised a positive change in my confidence - which is all credit to the Sarah."

Lyndsey Adamson 

"I can't tell you how much the programme has already made me think differently and get me fired up. There are so many changes I have made in my life since starting this programme, all of them having a positive impact."

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